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Unleash the Power of Student-to-Student Recruitment

Discover the future of recruitment where students become the storytellers. Empower your students to share their experiences and showcase your institution's unique value.

Supercharge your
Gen Z Strategy

Engage with Peer-to-Peer Storytelling

Harness the power of peer storytelling to inspire and engage Gen Z, creating an emotional bond that transcends traditional marketing methods.

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Put Your Students, Front and Center

Let your students be the forefront of your recruitment strategy, let them do the talking.

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Maximize Impact, Minimize Workload.

Connect your prospective students with the perfect ambassadors effortlessly and save time.

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1 in 3

Enrolled Students
say that their decisions were influenced by talking with other students

Champion Your Students

Harness the power of championing students to drive enrollment growth. By showcasing the achievements and success stories of your current students, you create a compelling narrative that resonates with prospective students. Highlight their accomplishments, experiences, and the support they receive from your institution.

Custom & University Specific

Tailor your recruitment strategy to the unique attributes and values of your university. Show prospective students how your institution champions its students by highlighting the specific programs, resources, and opportunities that set you apart.

Built For Both Higher Ed Admin & Students

Our platform streamlines the recruitment process for higher education administrators and students alike. Through powerful tools and analytics, administrators can efficiently manage applications, track enrollment progress, and optimize recruitment strategies.

Meet students where they are.

Guide prospective students through every stage of the enrollment funnel, leveraging your institution's best advocates at scale across channels that resonate with them.
build relationships

Engage Your Prospects & Students

Prove your understanding of prospective students' needs by actively connecting them with ambassadors. Enable them to authentically engage from the early stages of exploration all the way to their arrival on campus.
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STudent Centric

Personalize Your Recruitment

Customize your recruitment strategy by taking into account the specific inquiries of your prospective students, the virtual events they attend, and the communities they join. Adapt your approach to align with their interests and engagement.
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Time Saver


Eliminate the time-consuming process of manually pairing prospective students with ambassadors. Instead, empower them to choose the connections that suit them best, whether it be a current student, staff member, or faculty member.
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community network

Empowered Student Success through Community

Integrate your new prospects and enrolled students into a robust community network to enhance retention efforts. By providing a dedicated platform, you can enable seamless connections and engagement among students, fostering a sense of belonging and support. Students can interact with peers that strengthens their connection to your institution, promotes collaboration, and ultimately contributes to higher student retention rates.
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Community Network

Personalized Notifications for Enhanced Student Retention

Boost student retention by leveraging targeted notifications within our community network, tailored to specific majors and departments. Students receive customized updates, opportunities, and resources directly related to their academic interests and career goals.
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Student - Led Enrollment & Retention (SLER)

Support students in their enrollment journey, and make an impact it by championing your students. Measure the impact your ambassadors are having on students and facilitate authentic, connections between students.